This week in Comics

So this weeks comics were ok,  there were some hit and misses nothing phenomenal by any means though.


  1. Secret Avengers #1 : Some serious twists  looks to be an excellent read plus the roster rules.
  2. Justice League Generation Lost #2: Many felt the JLI were 2nd stringers at best this book shows that just isn’t true.
  3. Thunderbolts #144:  This new team has some heavy hitters and a hard choice to make will they strive for redemption or take the easy path out.
  4. Thanos Imperative: Ignition #1: Twists turns and an unlikely villain make this a can’t miss.
  5. Justice League the rise of arsenal #3: This is easily one of DC’s best books at the moment.


  1. War of the Supermen #4: No pay off what so ever
  2. Thor #610: Siege is over and we get an unsatisfactory battle between Thor and his evil cyborg quasi clone.
  3. The Return of Bruce Wayne #2: Can we forget about Final Crisis now? please?
  4. Wolverine Origins #48: Can this really be the end of the Romulus arc? god i hope so plus wolverine forgives himself(?)
  5. Teen Titans #83:  The titans have been up and down the past few years currently their down again.

Honorable Mention

  1. X-Men Blind Science #1: The nerdiest mutants around deliver a fairly good story.
  2. Project Super Powers: Chapter 2 #9: A very worthwhile read
  3. Incorruptible #6: A little predictable but still good.
  4. X-Force # 27: I’m burned out on time travel and X-Men but not terrible.
  5. Marvel Zombies 5 #3: Lots of evil dead references and Howard the duck plus Machine man make this ok.


Opening Day

So inaugural post is it?  Basically im going to be using this blog to talk about comics, movies etc.. and to update on my own comic ideas and any that are currently in production and to promote what ever I feel like.