Review: Dr. Who “The Big Bang”

Time for the review of part 2 of the Dr. Who Finale titled “The Big Bang”, now after “The Pandorica Opens” I wasn’t sure if they could pull of something truly epic. More often than not it seems 2 part episodes suffer in one way or another thankfully this was not the case with “The Big Bang”. They managed to create something that many of the previous finales didn’t they maintained the sense of peril while still allowing for a feeling of fun. There is some extremely entertaining use of time paradox’s central to the plot and some questions posted in previous episodes finally get answered. Overall the episode was perfect and it’s really hard for me to say that, i tend to pick a part things tear them down and point out what’s wrong before saying anything about what was right. In this case the writing was great the acting was on spot and the ending was down right satisfying. I’m looking forward to Matt Smith’s tenure as Dr. who, this season pushed and pulled and blew away any doubt that there is a new Doctor in the house.


Comic Reviews Week of 6/23/10

It’s that time again! This weeks comics are a definite improvement from last, there are some that are good and others that are great. I’m doing a bit of a format change from here out as far as rating books, so from now on anything considered great or must read will be officially tagged as “Bleed Worthy”. There will continue to be a spot for those comics that are just crap as well and of course the honorable mention section. So let’s get this show on the road.


Green Arrow #1: There have been few GA stories i have been that in to personally but lately with “The Rise” and “The Fall” books stemming off of Justice League: Cry for justice everything has been kicked up a notch and this book is taking GA in an epic new direction. BLEED WORTHY

Batman Streets of Gotham #13:  I have always wondered how villains deck out their hideouts with all those nifty traps, this issue finally lets you know with the introduction of the Carpenter she is essentially just a carpenter but she specializes in pimping out villains hideouts and she is damn good at it. Interestingly enough she is just in it for the money and has no vendettas against the dark knight fueling her, she even throws batman a warning when the shit hits the fan. Rating 4 out of 5

Fantastic Four #580: I tend to dip in and out of F4 simply because my attention span for the book has faltered over the years, this issue was a fun family friendly jaunt through a toy store featuring the Impossible Man and the x–men villain Arcade. This was just one fo those feel good stories it had excellent pacing and some really fun moments. Rating 3.5 out of 5

Thunderbolts #134: This issue was a curve ball soaked in awesome sauce and the ending takes you somewhere you really don’t expect and that’s good. This new team of Thunderbolts is sure to deal with some interesting stuff in the future. BLEED WORTHY

Wolverine Origins #49: Wolverine has been through a lot in his life and while recently he has seemed to be pretty stable this issue shows just how fragile his mind still is. Wolverine’s psyche is like a tornado of broken glass and hot sauce that is also on fire, in other words he is crazy but it’s not his fault its the weapon x program’s. Rating 4 out of 5

Avengers #2: To me it looks like Avengers will be what “New Avengers” was for the last couple of years non stop goodness, this issue gives us a new member in Marvel Boy(now going by the uninspired codename protector) we also get to see glimpses of alternate realities and an attack by Wonderman for what seems like no reason. BLEED WORTHY

Legion of Superheroes #2: There is a bit of momentum lost in this issue which makes me sad the first issue was practically epic in its goodness while this one not so much. Rating 3 out of 5

Batman – The Return of Bruce Wayne #3: I have been waiting for this to get interesting and it finally has this issue has an interesting story and a really cool ending, bottom line next issue Batman and Jonah Hex will meet. Rating 4 out of 5

Justice League Generation Lost: It actually seems like the stuff happening to Maxwell Lord in this book is more interesting than the stuff happening to the JLI at least in this issue. Rating 3 out of 5

Green Lantern #49: This book has been going strong for so long you expect there to be some off issues, Thankfully that hasn’t happened and this issue is great. The alpha lanterns have gone rogue and are recruiting through force and their new leader Cyborg Superman Hank Henshaw himself. BLEED WORTHY

Incorruptible #7: I like this series a lot and this issue has some good story telling its nothing perfect mind you but still a good read. Rating 3 out of 5

Franken-Castle(The Punisher) #18: I miss the punisher being a regular man who hunts down bad guys and kills them, now he is a Frankenstein like powerhouse but he is still good at dishing out the punishment. Rating 4 out of 5

Ultimate Avengers 2 #4: The ultimate version of ghost rider seems to kick a lot of ass, in fact he puts a pretty good beat down on the team in this issue also we get his origin from the extra creepy maybe spider-man clone in S.H.I.E.L.D’s basement. Rating 4 out of 5


Hulk #23: Wow the origin of red hulk finally and its completely uninteresting.

Superman #700: BORING!

Power Girl# 13: There have been some ok issues in the series so far and this isn’t one of them, also we can now expect Power girl to show up in Justice League generation lost from this point on.

Secret Warriors #17: During ” Dark Reign” this was one of those can’t miss titles, not so much anymore.

Heralds #4: This series seems pretty pointless to me.


Crossed – Family Values: I haven’t read the main series “Crossed” yet but i am sure as hell going to now. The first two issues of family values are beyond fucked up seriously, there is stuff in here that will sicken and infuriate many. I’m not the squeamish or easily offended type and i see this book for what it is a gripping read with perfect characters and situations that would drive most people to void there bowels in fear. If you’re not in to seeing humanity at its worst with everything that accompanies it that don’t touch this book. BLEED WORTHY

That’s it for this week’s comics, be sure to check back every week for more.

Peace Out


Review: Brand Spanking New Futurama!

So Futurama is back now on Comedy Central with 26 new half hour episodes on the way the first two air tonight which are titled “Rebirth” and “In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela”. Now i don’t have cable but i do have the internet and thanks to the latter i have already seen both of the episodes. Let me start off by saying how much i love Futurama and how bummed i was when it was canceled, it was one of those shows that just stuck with you and now the better part of a decade, four direct to dvd movies and tons of merchandise later one of my favorite shows of all  time is resurrected to unleash ham flavored gum and slurm goodness upon our asses.

Let’s get to it “Rebirth” takes off directly where “Into the Wild Green Yonder” left off our heroes hurtling through a wormhole which ends up dropping them off right in front of earth, one stupid comedy central related wormhole joke later we begin the actual story. This episode has some pretty good laughs but most of it is as is the case with many episodes focusing on the relationship between Fry and Leela. Overall the episode was enjoyable but i have the feeling that there maybe a bit of time before the show hits its stride, again the show has been off the air for 8 years and there are going to be some episodes that aren’t great i have made peace with that. This one was ok not great but insanely better than not having new Futurama at all.

The next episode “In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela” is not as funny as the first it has issues with pace, story and overall lame jokes. There is some funny parody of Star Trek the motion picture in it(That’s Star Trek :TMP not the reboot) but aside from that the beginning and ending frames are pretty much the funniest parts of the episode once you see them you will understand what i mean.

As far as a score i feel my overwhelming love of all things Futurama related leaves me a bit biased, after all i own the complete series on dvd in a Bender Head box(available on amazon for those interested). I give “Rebirth” a solid 4 out of 5 while “In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela” gets a 3 and that’s being generous. Anyway I’m certain there are new and exciting comedic adventures on the way for the brave crew of  planet express and i will be watching you can bet your shiny metal ass on it!

So for now everyone take it sleazy, this weeks comic reviews should be up soon.

peace out


Review: Dr. Who “The Pandorica Opens”

This is the first part of the customary 2 part Dr. Who season finale, much of this season while being good has seemed extremely condensed it seems that the BBC may have been somewhat apprehensive of Matt Smith taking over for David Tennant. Basically it has shown in this seasons special effects which have been toned down in favor of more story driven tales probably to build Smith up with viewers and i have to say its worked Smith has taken to the role quite well.

Throughout this episode we are lead to believe that the pandorica is containing the universe’s most powerful threat but honestly the ending of the episode was predictable the box is empty, a trap for the doctor created by his worst foes as a way of containing what they consider the greatest threat to the universe and existence which in to them is the doctor himself.

We also see the partial return of Rory as a roman centurion, which turns out to be some sort of cybernetic replicant along with the rest of the roman’s in the episode. Overall the story was good but with few surprises if any but was very entertaining.

Again however this is only the first part of the finale which means part 2 will either blow us away or simply be another drop in the bucket, i honestly want Smith to eclipse Tennant as the doctor to push boundaries that Tennant or even Eccleston’s portrayals never approached. We are coming up on the doctor’s final two regeneration’s which means that in the grand scheme Smith’s portrayal is part of the Doctor’s twilight years and no one wants a weak link in the chain of a series that has been going for as long as Dr. Who has.

Comic Reviews 6/16/10

This weeks books were seriously mundane at least everything i have read so far, I’m not going to go to far in to detail because of it.


The Boys #43: This issue puts and end to Butcher seeing Wee Huey as a possible traitor but not much more, thankfully we are finally also no longer going to have to deal with a super group essentially made of  mentally handicapped wannabe heroes it just didn’t work.

New Avengers #1: At a point New Avengers was just about the only worthwhile read for marvel, i hope this issue is the start of something similar. There really isn’t anything ground breaking but they are trying to establish a new status quo in this issue.

Brightest Day #4: Not as strong as the previous 3 issues in my opinion but still worth reading, we also get a look at the new aqualad and so far he isn’t that interesting.

DeadPool #24: This book has Deadpool piloting a mecha and smashing through Las Vegas, the story is by no means epic or even that good but its damn entertaining.

Hack/slash – My first Maniac #1: Hack/Slash has been growing on me for a while this gives an interesting insight in to Cassie Hack’s background after the initial arc of the main series.


Magog #10: Just cancel the series please, there are many more worthwhile characters that deserve an ongoing than this guy, he wasn’t interesting in Kingdom Come or more recently in JSA he’s fine as a background character though most bad ones are.

Incredible Hulk #610: In my opinion no Hulk stories will ever eclipse what Planet Hulk and World War Hulk accomplished, they breathed new life in to the hulk franchise, unfortunately World War Hulks the sequel(if you can call it that) is just stale like this issue.

Dark Wolverine #87: This issue is just creepy really.. nothing quite as entertaining as watching the son of wolverine picking up dudes for casual sex only to in the end go unfulfilled.

REBELS #17: This series has been interesting like once, oh yeah i remember it wasn’t actually interesting it was that i had to by the issue I’m thinking of to get a plastic Sinestro Corps ring.

Joker’s Asylum 2 Harley Quinn: Just pointless, the series is essentially the joker acting as the crypt keeper telling stories of his arkham asylum compatriots, this story focusing on Harley Quinn was just plain boring.


Daredevil # 507: With Shadow Land on the horizon this book is the end of Matt Murdock’s struggle to gain control of The Hand ninja guild, but what has he lost in the process of doing so?


I have recently decided i’m not writing enough that doesn’t just include blog entries but also comic concepts and scripts, so i have decided to give myself some requirements to reach every week.

As far as the blog goes i will be doing Comic reviews for the current week every Friday, not that anyone will be reading but hey its gets words down. I’m going to try to do at least one new comic concept or character outline a week if not one of those than a script for an existing comic.

Also as far as the new possible project goes I’m waiting to here back from the artist, I’m a bit nervous but i hope that we get to work on something new and exciting shortly.

peace out


REVIEW: Superman/Batman Annual #4

Superman/Batman Annual #4

This is an interesting issue from many standpoints there are few among Nerdom that didn’t like Batman Beyond or Justice League, Batman The Animated Series and the rest of the DCAU( DC Animated Universe for the uninitiated).

The issue is in many ways a continuation of those and with a new ongoing Batman Beyond comic series on the horizon what better way to get back in to the groove. I will say while the book has its moments there is no big pay off until then end and frankly it left me conflicted.

The story takes a while to hit its stride much of it is a rather uninteresting and easily figured out detective story, When we start to see the story from superman’s perspective we find him a broken man taking off from the Batman Beyond 2 part episode “The Call” since superman has been free of Starro’s control he has been effectively missing and metropolis has deteriorated under the control of Lex Luthor. We quickly learn that Superman is using Batman(Terry McGinnis) as a way to reach Luthor who is now protected by a Kryptonite fortress. Superman has also been secretly capturing Metropolis’s criminal element and banishing them to the phantom zone the same fate he effectively uses on the aged Luthor at the end of the issue. Superman at this point is as far gone as we have seen him in sometime, very close in his outlook on things to the Kingdom Come version of the character however unlike his counterpart this version remains a grim reminder of what a superman without  friends and family is capable of.

There are also some interesting continuity aberrations in this issue, while sticking extremely close to the animated series we do find instances of mainstream continuity being shoehorned in the most apparent being those imprisoned in the phantom zone. We specifically see General Zod, Ursa and Mon-El in the zone all characters who never appeared in the DCAU which begs the point is this now a possible future of the contemporary Earth Zero (the current mainstream comic universe)? or something different.Who can say for now?

Overall the issue was good but not great hopefully the new ongoing series will answer some nagging questions about exactly what universe this story takes place of course the new series may not be canon with this tale either. The book gets a score of 3 out of 5 obviously it wasn’t everything it could have been but there was a nice charm to it.