Comic Reviews 6/16/10

This weeks books were seriously mundane at least everything i have read so far, I’m not going to go to far in to detail because of it.


The Boys #43: This issue puts and end to Butcher seeing Wee Huey as a possible traitor but not much more, thankfully we are finally also no longer going to have to deal with a super group essentially made of  mentally handicapped wannabe heroes it just didn’t work.

New Avengers #1: At a point New Avengers was just about the only worthwhile read for marvel, i hope this issue is the start of something similar. There really isn’t anything ground breaking but they are trying to establish a new status quo in this issue.

Brightest Day #4: Not as strong as the previous 3 issues in my opinion but still worth reading, we also get a look at the new aqualad and so far he isn’t that interesting.

DeadPool #24: This book has Deadpool piloting a mecha and smashing through Las Vegas, the story is by no means epic or even that good but its damn entertaining.

Hack/slash – My first Maniac #1: Hack/Slash has been growing on me for a while this gives an interesting insight in to Cassie Hack’s background after the initial arc of the main series.


Magog #10: Just cancel the series please, there are many more worthwhile characters that deserve an ongoing than this guy, he wasn’t interesting in Kingdom Come or more recently in JSA he’s fine as a background character though most bad ones are.

Incredible Hulk #610: In my opinion no Hulk stories will ever eclipse what Planet Hulk and World War Hulk accomplished, they breathed new life in to the hulk franchise, unfortunately World War Hulks the sequel(if you can call it that) is just stale like this issue.

Dark Wolverine #87: This issue is just creepy really.. nothing quite as entertaining as watching the son of wolverine picking up dudes for casual sex only to in the end go unfulfilled.

REBELS #17: This series has been interesting like once, oh yeah i remember it wasn’t actually interesting it was that i had to by the issue I’m thinking of to get a plastic Sinestro Corps ring.

Joker’s Asylum 2 Harley Quinn: Just pointless, the series is essentially the joker acting as the crypt keeper telling stories of his arkham asylum compatriots, this story focusing on Harley Quinn was just plain boring.


Daredevil # 507: With Shadow Land on the horizon this book is the end of Matt Murdock’s struggle to gain control of The Hand ninja guild, but what has he lost in the process of doing so?


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