Review: Dr. Who “The Pandorica Opens”

This is the first part of the customary 2 part Dr. Who season finale, much of this season while being good has seemed extremely condensed it seems that the BBC may have been somewhat apprehensive of Matt Smith taking over for David Tennant. Basically it has shown in this seasons special effects which have been toned down in favor of more story driven tales probably to build Smith up with viewers and i have to say its worked Smith has taken to the role quite well.

Throughout this episode we are lead to believe that the pandorica is containing the universe’s most powerful threat but honestly the ending of the episode was predictable the box is empty, a trap for the doctor created by his worst foes as a way of containing what they consider the greatest threat to the universe and existence which in to them is the doctor himself.

We also see the partial return of Rory as a roman centurion, which turns out to be some sort of cybernetic replicant along with the rest of the roman’s in the episode. Overall the story was good but with few surprises if any but was very entertaining.

Again however this is only the first part of the finale which means part 2 will either blow us away or simply be another drop in the bucket, i honestly want Smith to eclipse Tennant as the doctor to push boundaries that Tennant or even Eccleston’s portrayals never approached. We are coming up on the doctor’s final two regeneration’s which means that in the grand scheme Smith’s portrayal is part of the Doctor’s twilight years and no one wants a weak link in the chain of a series that has been going for as long as Dr. Who has.