Review: Dr. Who “The Big Bang”

Time for the review of part 2 of the Dr. Who Finale titled “The Big Bang”, now after “The Pandorica Opens” I wasn’t sure if they could pull of something truly epic. More often than not it seems 2 part episodes suffer in one way or another thankfully this was not the case with “The Big Bang”. They managed to create something that many of the previous finales didn’t they maintained the sense of peril while still allowing for a feeling of fun. There is some extremely entertaining use of time paradox’s central to the plot and some questions posted in previous episodes finally get answered. Overall the episode was perfect and it’s really hard for me to say that, i tend to pick a part things tear them down and point out what’s wrong before saying anything about what was right. In this case the writing was great the acting was on spot and the ending was down right satisfying. I’m looking forward to Matt Smith’s tenure as Dr. who, this season pushed and pulled and blew away any doubt that there is a new Doctor in the house.


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