Review: Futurama “The Late Phillip J. Fry”

Back to Futurama! This week’s episode was a continuous laugh a minute, “The Late Phillip J. Fry” deals with lots of time travel jokes and nearly all of them hit the mark spot on. There isn’t really any new character development but by now Futurama doesn’t really need it anyway. The beginning of the episode does drag on a bit, it involves bender and a floozy bot for those interested. Regardless this episode is easily one of the best this season and while the resurrection of America’s favorite science fiction cartoon show has hit a few snags it’s easy to see Futurama really is back in good form. If the show continues down the path it’s going we should have many hilarious years ahead of us.

Final score for this episode 5 out of 5


Back to work

After being besieged by illness and writers block I’m glad to be back writing,  I will be putting up reviews for this weeks Futurama and my overall  favorite comic of the week by Friday. I’m finishing up on the script for the new project which is still untitled for the moment too.

Other news I have reacquired the domain of yes its long I know but still its cool, I also have which I have no idea what I’m doing with I just thought it sounded neat. If anyone has ideas on that one let me know I’m drawing a blank.

In a way I’m glad I didn’t go to Comicon this year because showing up there and being struck down by strep throat would have just sucked. Anyways I promise more interesting blog posts than this to come so keep watching … or reading… yeah…


Review: Batman Under the Red Hood

I never got to last weeks comics unfortunately i will be putting up a detail review of Shadowland #1 sometime soon but otherwise i will be starting off fresh on this weeks comics when they hit.

Lets get to Batman: Under the Red Hood, this is a direct to dvd DC animated film which is loosely based on the story arc written by Judd Winick . I use the term “Loosely” because this is definitely not as good as the comic. Much of the plot and storyline was scrapped as well as several key characters that really made the story interesting and its a shame.

The story is at bare minimum an adaption, because of everything they left out it’s almost a different story altogether. While the animation and characterization were excellent especially Joe Dimaggio’s Joker the movie itself was just bland. Batman’s character design was spot on, while nightwing’s was odd for some reason the hair mostly it was just wrong. The joker’s design had some great intricacies and we do get to see a bit of his origin in the story which was fun. The villain Black Mask is prevalent throughout the movie but seems to be a far watered down version of the character more a kin to a wise guy mob enforcer than the scary mob over boss from the comics. Ras Al Ghul also  makes and appearance in the movie but he really seems to have no purpose other than being a deus ex machina for returning robin(Jason Todd) to life.

I really wanted to like this movie, in fact i have been waiting patiently for it to drop, hoping it would end the long running mediocrity that plagues the DC aminated films unfortunately it just sures up the ranks of movies that were mildly entertaining at best. The film’s Climax leaves you with nothing more than a bad taste in your mouth. There seems to be no progression no excitement or buildup and hardly and surprises at all which could have really the over all product. This film gets a score of 2 out of 5 because it squanders the potential of an amazing story.

Review: Futurama “Proposition Infinity”

This week’s episode of Futurama titled “Proposition Infinity” deals with the taboo of human-robot love.. Hmm i swear they have dealt with subject before. Well this time instead of Fry and Lucy Liu bot its bender and Amy. Most of the story is spent treating robot human relations as something similar to gay marriage. Most of the laughs are good but overall the episode suffers from a weak ending, it a far cry from last week’s episode but still far better than either of the first two episodes of the season.

As scores go it gets 3 out of 5, good not great.

Comic reviews will be up a little later today, peace out!

Comic Reviews Week of 6/30/10

This week’s reviews were delayed for several reasons other than the obvious holiday, i have been drugged due to getting a tooth pulled(which i will hopefully replace soon). Anyway all of that aside this week had some really good reads. I will say there are a few events coming up I’m looking forward to both are from Marvel the first being “Shadow Land” focusing  on Daredevil and his filthy evil, the second being X-Men curse of the mutants which pits our favorite mutants against vampires. Shadow Land looks down right awesome and one thing about it that has really caught my attention is several promo images of the Punisher no longer being a Frankenstein rip off. Curse of the Mutants is actually going to branch out in to non X-Men titles which is cool, my biggest issue with X-Books has been the lack of good stories so i dip in and out this could be a rebirth for my interest in X-Men. Lets get to the this weeks books shall we?


Action Comics #890: This was an interesting read to say the least, this issue focuses on Lex Luthor and his creepy obsession with acquiring a Lantern power ring. Since He was exposed to an orange lantern ring during “Blackest Night” he is now basically like a power ring junkie looking for his next fix. Also some cool scenes with an android Lois Lane(maybe sex bot). Score 4 out of 5

Secret Avengers # 2: This story arc is going in to some really cool places and is easily one of the best books out there. The roster itself is worth the price of admission.  BLEED WORTHY

Thor #611: “Siege” threw this title of it’s A game but it looks like it may get back to where it needs to be, this issue was a good start.           Score 3 out of 5

Green Lantern #55: LOBO!! that’s right the main man is back, this issue is essentially a giant brawl and it works. In the end Lobo walks away with a red lantern ring…. tingle. BLEED WORTHY

X-Campus #1: This mini series is a really interesting new take on the X-Men basically everybody is a high school student, this issue will bring you back to your own unpleasant memories of that time.. except you have super powers this time around. BLEED WORTHY

Batman Beyond #1: This book strays in to familiar territory but in a good way, this looks to be a good series overall i won’t say anything else but HUSH. BLEED WORTHY

Deadpool Team-Up #892: A fun romp featuring the merc with the mouth taking on the worst hell has to offer in a seriously entertaining way. Score 4 out of 5

The Flash #3: This issues wasn’t terribly interesting from the Flash’s perspective but Captain Boomerang can now creat black lantern boomerang constructs that’s pretty bad ass. Score 3 out of 5

Deadpool Wade Wilson’s war #2: An interesting look at two very conflicting accounts of the origin of deadpool well worth checking out. Score 3 out of 5

Invincible #73: A brief pause before the Viltrimite War goes in to full force, nothing amazing here but nothing terrible either.       Score 3 out of 5

The Death of Dracula One Shot: An interesting prelude for whats to come, the unfortunate part Marvel has already ruined some of the hype with solicitations for future issues of X-Men where Dracula is resurrected by Magneto and the rest. Score 2 out of 5

Abe Sapien the Abyssal Plain #1: This was a really good read there were some brilliant moments of tension and just when you think the story is over you get a really good twist. BLEED WORTHY

WildCats #24: I’m not terribly invested in the series but it’s been going in an interesting direction since “World’s End”. Score 3 out of 5


Wonderwoman #600: I don’t understand the point of suddenly rewriting wonderwoman’s history and giving her a new costume while shaving 5-10 years off her age at the same time. This new costume will be temporary just like every costume change a hero gets.

Astonishing X-Men #34: ughhh the curse of the X-Books is strong with this one.

Heralds #5: The whole point of this mini series was just plain lost on me.

Atomic Robo Revenge of the Vampire dimensions #4: It’s not that this issue was bad but the series just seems like such a rip off of hellboy to me i just can’t get behind it.

Iron Man-Kiss and Kill one shot: This was just so stupid, there aren’t enough iron man books out now?

Marvel Zombies 5 #4: Sometimes i wish that Marvel Zombies would just die as a series, first it had the novelty going for it now it’s like that movie that has had way too many pointless sequels.

JSA #40: This arc had amazing potential but so far its just been wasted.

JLA #46: This series just feels stale, the roster is severely lacking for sure.

Teen Titans #84: The titan’s are sliding towards lameness again…


The Authority The Lost Year #9: I love multiverse hopping and this issue has just that plus some hilarious characters.

Project Super Powers Chapter two #10: This series takes forever for anything to happen but it is ok.

X-Factor #206: An ok story but nothing special


Sea Bear & Grizzly Shark #1: The premise of this book is borderline special ed but it’s actually pretty good. The first story which is Sea Bear centric is well written and very cool. The Grizzly Shark story was supposed to be funny but most of it wasn’t, the story was uninteresting and actually had some stolen lines in it and the art wasn’t much better.

Review: Futurama “Attack of the Killer App!”

So new Futurama this week, man it feels weird writing that weird but good.

This week’s episode titled ” Attack of the Killer App” was a triumph there was almost no point during the episode where i wasn’t laughing. I thought the show would take a few episodes to get back in form but i was wrong. In fact i would say ” Attack of the Killer App” easily blew away both of the premier episodes from last week. Most of the show was a series of thinly veiled jokes aimed and Apple and Twitter and they were all pretty much perfect.  The rest centers around a hideous singing boil on Leela’s ass named Susan.. that’s right Susan Boil lol. The only real miss of the episode was the ending which was abrupt and just not funny or clever in any way.

If this is a taste of things to come i see Futurama continuing on for several more laughed filled seasons, too bad they killed of Mr. Chunk’s though the two-headed barfing goat was a hilarious addition that could have easily become a recurring character in the vein of scruffy the janitor.