Review: Deadpool Corps #5

Deadpool is one of my favorite characters despite having an unnatural hate for the man who created him(Rob Liefield=Bastard). Luckily most of the best stories about the Merc with the Mouth did not have him involved. Regardless Deadpool is just plain fun you can’t take him seriously most of the time despite him often taking on serious stuff overall.  Not quite a villain or hero really either he has a certain special middle ground where he dwells.

Deadpool Corps is an interesting tale of Deadpool and alternate reality versions of himself teaming up to take on a cosmic threat from beyond the stars. What makes Deadpool and his alternates perfect for this mission is that their all insane. While the overall series has no shortage of action or extremely funny dispatching of aliens the last issue #5 significantly slows down the pace. The finale has a funny twist ending, where you would expect there to be a final apocalyptic battle for the fate of the universe you instead find that insanity and an undead flying zombie head with a beanie propeller hat can easily best the universes most recent threat.

While the series itself feels cheapened in some way by this ending at the same time it actually feels right especially considering that it’s a Deadpool story. That flexibility is what makes Deadpool so great compared to more serious characters. If you expect something too meaningful or intricate or mind-blowing from a deadpool story your just as insane as he is.

Overall Score 5 out of 5



It seems that Squad 13 will be put on the back burner a bit for a while at least due to scheduling issues with the artist. We are by no means shelving the project but I’m pretty sure it won’t be making its debut as a back up in Noh Mask #3. I’m a little bummed out but everyone has life and school, family,jobs etc… and those are all things that can get very hectic.  We are hoping to at least work on character designs and storyboarding for now.

Other news I’m working on a new concept based off of a public domain superhero from the 1940’s, I’m not going to say who just yet. However I won’t be rehashing anything from this characters past in fact the story may revolve less around this character and more around a family member. I’m hoping if I get the characters and story right I will be able to find an artist to work with on it. Prepare for a tale of super science,action, heroics and extremely dysfunctional family, it will be DYNAMIC.

Review: The Thanos Imperative #3

So Far “The Thanos Imperative” has blown my mind, reaching far back to my childhood reading “Infinity Gauntlet” and “Infinity War” no space based Marvel book has caught my attention quite like this before. The first two issues of the series were just plain crazy but they were good crazy to say the least. The trend is continued in issue 3 which trumps just about every cosmic war that came before it, a threat that is so encompassing that the heroes back on earth would be severely outmatched if they were involved.

The art on the book hasn’t skipped a beat and the writing is extremely well paced for something dealing with so many characters at once. The coup de gras in this issue is the formation of what can only be unofficially dubbed “The Cosmic Avengers” consisting of some of the Marvel universes heaviest hitters. This is a serious war and serious firepower is warranted, The group pulled together by Nova consists of Quasar, Beta Ray Bill, The Silver Surfer and Ronan the accuser.

We can only hope that the group may stick together after this threat ends but i would say it’s a longshot. One thing is certain this series is amping up to be one of the best of the year and while it maybe somewhat inaccessible to new readers the old ones will find it a griping story.

Review: X-Campus #2

X-Campus #1 was a very interesting read, giving us a new look at how the X-Men might be if they were all teenagers. Issue #2 didn’t have quite the same edge to it. While i like them basically rebooting the X-Men there are some changes which just don’t feel organic for the characters involved. There is more action in Issue #2 but that doesn’t make it better in any sense either, especially when your juggling so many characters. One of the most obvious flaws during a fight scene has Toad and Pyro put a beating down on just about every member of the so-called “X-Boys” as Jean Grey has named them. These are two characters that are basically running jokes in the mainstream comic universe, while they do get defeated in the end it just seems like the “X-Boys” had to work way to hard to finish them off.

There are some design issues that didn’t seem as evident in the first issue either. The most glaring would be Wolverine’s claws looking like metal pencils for some reason, another more minor one is Juggernaut being nothing more than a jock with magic wristbands. I’m trying to respect what the artist and writer are trying to accomplish with the series. However it seems like every good idea is hampered by two or three bad ones down the line, this could affect the bottom line when it comes to sales.

Overall this get a score of 2 out of 5 for just not being everything that it could have been.


So i watched “Swampthing” the movie last night on netflix, mostly due to vague memories of seeing it as a kid. Little did i realize the horror i was in for. Wes Craven could have gone on a hardcore drug binge after this and no one would have judged him for it. Calling this movie terrible is an understatement, from the thin plot to horrible characters the entire thing is a mishmash of everything that’s wrong with film. Notice I’m not bashing the special effects or the source material in any way. As far as the effects go it was the 80’s so i cut slack, the swampthing comics, tv show and cartoon were all entertaining in different ways.  The absolute worst thing about the movie was the lead villain Arcane who really gave us no reason to understand why he was evil or why he was living in the swamp. Also there was just something about his entirely bumbling team of mercenaries taking out a group of government agents that leaves you thinking what the hell?

They also used some weird cut a ways and fades to give the film a comic book feel which were all annoying. While you do get to see a lot of Adrien Barbeau running around the swamp in a perpetually wet t-shirt not even that can make up for so many flaws.

The 1980’s gave us various attempts at super hero and comic book film and most of them were ok at best, i wonder as time passes if I will be looking back at 2000-2010 and think the same. One thing I’m certain of is that i could write a better Swampthing movie than this one. Supposedly there is a remake coming in 3-D, honestly not looking forward to it if true.

I’m done rambling about Wes Craven’s Swampthing now.


Review: Shadowland 1&2

Alright time for much belated reviews at least for Shadowland #1. Daredevil is a complex character to write for he’s a hero a blind man and a deeply scarred person emotionally, most of his life has been spent staving off a descent in to darkness. Despite everything he has faced he has always been able to hold back from crossing the line but things have changed. Now in control of the most powerful ninja army on earth the Hand, Matt Murdock is intent on wielding the clan as a force for good but it seems as in most cases absolute power corrupts even with the best intentions.

Shadowland is taking Daredevil beyond his own rules and changing the status quo for New York city in the process where surprisingly large numbers of Marvel super heroes also reside. It’s easy to see they would come in to conflict with the man now using martial law against any and all crime in the city. daredevil crosses the line in Shadowland #1 and I found myself asking why it hasn’t happened sooner? Overall Issue 1 blew away everything you thought you knew about the man without fear.

Shadowland #2 continues to unfold the disturbing path that Daredevil now walks, enemies and friends alike are shown no mercy. The series is taking us down the rabbit hole with the question that every fan asks at some point what if “_____” lost it and started to really let loose? The question rarely ever gets answered except in hypothetical stories or ones that take place in alternate realities, not modern-day continuity where every misstep will paint that person as evil by everyone. This is the fall of Daredevil people we may never really see him back after Shadowland ends, there are already solicitations for upcoming months posing the question who will take his place its safe to assume that Shadowland won’t end well for him. Issue 2 brings the revelation to the surface that the daredevil we knew is gone and that there are some heavy casualties ahead for this series.

If you’re a fan of Daredevil than these are can’t miss issues.

News from the front Squad 13 marches!

So things are still kind of slow lately at least from the blog’s point of view since i haven’t been posting as much as usual. The first half of the new project Squad 13 has a completed script and is off to the artist awaiting notes and any changes then we can move on to character design and panel work. This will be a back up story in upcoming issues of Noh Mask that I’m hoping to spin-off in to a mini series. The story is pretty close to home in many ways for me taking place during the korean war, a war my grandmother experienced first hand and that I heard stories about growing up.

There is a depth to this story i wasn’t necessarily expecting and a lot of emotions hit me as i went through the first draft. Not to spoil anything for anyone but the first half of the story will be completely realistic. I spent a good bit of time doing research to give the story a good backdrop of the times and what the soldiers faced. I also incorporated a few pieces of information from various accounts from actual soldiers to give the story some of their unique perspective.

I’m hoping to kick things up a notch with squad 13 and move in to some new story telling territory something i have really wanted to do. Hopefully the finished product will reflect some of the scope of what many refer to as “The forgotten War”.

I will post new updates for the project as it progresses so keep an eye out.