Review:The venture Bros. “Everybody Comes to Hank’s”

IĀ  have been a bit busy lately and am way behind on comics and TV reviews at the moment. The only show I’m caught up on is of course one of my favorites The venture Bros. “Everybody Comes to Hank’s” is without a doubt one of the best episodes of season 4 and that putting it lightly. We get to focus primarily on Hank throughout the episode which is always fun and his side kick for the episode none other than the A lchemist himself. We finally get the answer to the lingering question “is Brock Dermot’s father? Thankfully the answer is no but the real father isn’t much of a surprise really either.

There is practically no fault i can find with the episode other than the threads of it connecting to the next episode which follows Dean on his summer vacation internship. Hopefully it will be half as good as this was but i have never been a fan of Dean heavy episodes personally. The best part of this episode is the obvious while Hank does get laid for the first time and relates it in classic Hank style he also gets the moment shattered for him when he finds out he went where his father has gone before. The themes of failure, shame and indifference are always prevalent in the Venture Bros. its clear that hank’s shining moment was also terrible and wrong.

Despite everything this season has put us through with the early episodes being far from stellar and the new episodes taking forever to reach us its good to have Team Venture back. With only a handful of new episodes left for this season we can only hope they continue the trend of the few most recentĀ  gems we have been fortunate enough to get.

Final Score 5 out of 5