Review: Avengers: EMH “Yellowjacket”







R.I.P Hank Pym, Hello Yellowjacket! The beginning of this episode is a bit of a bummer. We see just how far Hank Pym has fallen since leaving the avengers. His principles were important to him and he didn’t see the group helping the world the way he wanted. Unfortunately the pressures of finding a better way and the loss of Wasp in his life seemed to have taken a hard toll. His lab is a mess and he is disheveled. However what’s also blatant is that his mental state has deteriorated even more since we last saw him in “To Steal an Ant-Man”.

Hank was always one of my favorite characters in season 1 he was the perfect counter point to Tony Stark’s way of thinking. I really missed him being around for most of season 2. Hank and Janet’s Dynamics have been among the hardest to adapt from the comics. Where they are similar but in many ways far different from their EMH counterparts. Hank dealt with schizophrenia while Jan dealt with Hank’s quick temper and even physical abuse.

“Yellowjacket” first revolves around the Avengers investigating the murder of Hank. It then changes focus to trying to capture Yellowjacket a new vigilante who seems to have no qualms taking out the trash that continue to slip through the cracks. Eventually Yellowjacket is revealed as Pym who seemed to feel that the Avengers wanted him to be someone more proactive in crime fighting than he was. His new personality reflected what he thought the others wanted from him.

“Yellowjacket” touches on a lot of themes i can personally relate to. While externally it probably just feels like a reason for them to bring Hank back in a new persona there is really much more to it.  One thing that bugged is that this episode uses the serpent society again. There are plenty of villains they could have used so it just seems lazy for them to show up here. Another thing is that only Jan seems to recognize Yellowjacket as Hank.

Overall its a surprisingly strong entry in season 2 it’s not the action that wins you over but the theme and the heart of the story. Final score 4 out of 5.




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