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We have arrived at the end of director Chris Nolan’s Batman trilogy. There has been both triumph and tragedy surrounding the films. The death of Heath Ledger and the recent shootings in Colorado have shown us that anything can happen for seemingly no reason. Walking in to “The Dark Knight Rises” was conflicting for me as much as i liked “Batman Begins” and The Dark Knight” i always had issues with Nolan’s take on Batman. The most glaring of which was Nolan forcing the series to be more grounded and realistic. Batman is over the top it’s not as unrealistic as say Superman or any of the other DC superheroes but it’s nowhere near real.

I found that “The Dark Knight Rises” had more issues than any of the previous films. It didn’t have the singular defining direction of “Batman Begins” or the profound chaotic narrative of “The Dark Knight. The story is an amalgamation of the “Knightfall” and “No Man’s Land” arcs from the comics with some original material mixed in. The bulk of the story follows Bruce Wayne and John Blake with intermittent sporadic appearances by the other supporting cast. While Bane is the villain for most of the film he isn’t the mastermind in the end. The need to tie Rises back to Begins seems odd at first but i quickly realized without the Joker to play off of they really had no other way to go but back to the league of shadows. Because of the Joker’s absence we don’t get the truly epic final chapter we should have had. One of the many things that bugs me about Rises is that they never even passively mention the clown prince of crime. His previous appearance is apparently over shadowed by Batman murdering Harvey Dent. A villain the gripped and entire city in fear and he isn’t even worthy of a footnote.

Bane has been altered to the point that you could have basically called him anything else he would be considered a new character. His voice is awkward and muddled and his accent is odd. The gas mask he wears makes no sense apparently it has a perpetually inexhaustible  supply of anesthetic gas and is nearly unbreakable. Bane’s dialogue is dubbed and it’s painfully obvious in some instances when it doesn’t match his physical movements and expressions.Selena Kyle who is never referred to as Catwoman  in the movie is one of the more interesting characters but she has some atrocious dialogue and is so indifferent it’s hard to care what happens to her.

Marion Cotillard or Talia Al Ghul is the biggest waste of the film. She is the swerve ending the villain who was hidden in plain sight throughout the entire film but no one is surprised during the reveal so it doesn’t work. Basically Talia is pulling all the strings in the film making Bane seem far less interesting because of it.

I also found myself rather disappointed with the way the handled Alfred in this one as well. He spends what little time he has in the film whining and crying then actually walks out on Bruce something that is so out of character that it made me sick. John Blake is the breakout character while he has superficial similarities to Bruce he stands well on his own feet although a lot of what he does in the film seems repetitive.

There were moments that were good in Rises but there were far more that made no sense. There were more than a few instances that the friends that i attended with laughed uncontrollably because of things in the film that were just plain ridiculous. People shot to death with no bullet wounds or blood maybe something you can forgive but an entire army of police marching towards a large armed force with superior weapons with no cover that’s just stupid. Or having everything being resolved with fist fights? Yeah that’s realistic…. I will be honest i went in to the film not expecting much so i wasn’t disappointed. Casual film fans and Nolanites will love “The Dark Knight Rises” but i am a Batman fan. I want something closer to the comics i hold out hope that we will one day get it.

“The Dark Knight Rises” gets 3 out of 5 stars.


Review: Futurama “The Thief of Baghead”








Bender becomes a Paparazzi and wackiness ensues in “The Thief of Baghead”. It’s odd I know this isn’t the first time Bender has been obsessed with Calculon but it’s never not funny. The episode quickly shifts from Bender being a freelance obsessive fan to being a paid Paparazzo out to get the hardest to snag celebrity photo of all time. This is where things get hilarious of course because the photo he took of the world’s greatest actor(who we have never seen before this episode.) robs people of their life forces once viewed.

The actor Langdon Cobb wears a bag over his head in all his films to hide his face. The professor deduces he is from a race of parasitic space parasites called quantum lichens.Now the group has to figure out away to reverse the photo’s effects or lose their friends forever.

There were numerous jokes that made me chuckle in this episode in fact i burst out laughing the first second and third time Bender showed the picture to people but after that the episode went down hill. Despite the numerous sight gags and seemingly funny moments the episode barely stuck with me after i watched it. In fact I actually forgot what the episode was about and had to watch it again before writing this.

“The Thief of Baghead” gets 3 out of 5 stars.

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Here it is the link to the short from SDCC Tom Jane returns as THE PUNISHER!

Thomas Jane returns as The Punisher?! Sort of…

Thomas Jane and Ron Perlman had a very interesting short to show off at SDCC. A new short film carrying on Jane’s portrayal of the Punisher that supposedly blew the audience away! Who knows if we will ever get another Punisher film but i would even take a TV series starring Jane in the role of Frank Castle again. Check out the link below from

My Pants just exploded!

Captain America 2 is now Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Thor 2 is now Thor: The Dark World!

Guardians of the Galaxy concept art!

Ben Kingsley as full on Mandarin!

Edgar Wright gives us the Ant-Man we have been longing for!

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