Review: Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Mini-Series










Mr. Wilson’s wild ride has finally come to it’s end… kind of… sort of.. i guess. “Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe” shot straight to the top selling out almost immediately and going in to second printings in no time flat. We finally get a good look at what would happen if the merc with the mouth set out to do what we all secretly hoped he would kill literally everybody of note in the Marvel universe.

At no point during the series did the action or kills disappoint. We get four issues of Deadpool showing that he is the best he is at what he does maybe even better than Wolverine. The story itself is scene dressing nothing more. We jump right in to the bloody, awful and some times just plain brilliant ways he chooses to off Marvels heavy hitters. Some are definitely better than others mind you but they are all visceral and totally plausible ways to take these characters out.

There are some subtle hints as to what is pushing Deadpool towards these actions during the story but we get no real answers as the series rolls to it’s odd conclusion, calling it fourth wall breaking or Meta would be a huge understatement. But it seems at least to me to be setting something bigger up for this particular incarnation of Wade Wilson. I have the feeling they “Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe” maybe heading towards the direction of the “Marvel Zombies” franchise. And i don’t mean actually showing up in said title but that this Version of Deadpool maybe seeing way more action in the days to come. Crossovers? always a possibility, Killing the Multiverse? why not? Showing up in 616 and causing untold mayhem? who knows…

“Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe” is 4 issues of supreme awesomeness. Final Score 4 out of 5(due exclusively to the ending).


Joss Whedon is on Avengers 2 and new Marvel TV show! it’s officially Geek XMAS people

You read the headline at least i hope you did… but it’s true Joss Whedon will be back directing and writing Avengers 2. As if that wasn’t good enough Disney/Marvel is also having him create a new TV series set in the Marvel cinematic universe. Like i said Geek XMAS is here. I will be following this one closely any new tidbits that come up will be dropped on here as soon as i’m done reading them i promise. For now here are some links to CBR and Comic Book Movie with just about the same information i just gave you only longer.

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