My personal top 10 issues with Man of Steel










  1. Zod was born and bred to be a soldier. He was in his own words trained his entire life and yet Jor-EL is able to best him in hand to hand combat. Jor-EL is a scientist…
  2. Zod and his army of rebels are sentenced to the phantom zone but are first placed in weird space coffins that freeze them. Then they are launched into an awaiting spaceship which then finally launches itself into the phantom zone. These are vicious criminals that staged a bloody coup why not just launch them directly into the zone? It’s clear the council has no intention of ever releasing them this is basically a death sentence and they go about it in such away that makes no sense.

  3. Clark’s powers seem to develop slowly over time as he grows up on earth. It takes him time and effort to learn to control them. Zod is able to master his powers in the last 30-5 minutes of the film with seemingly little effort. Even though he was wearing a suit designed to block out earth’s atmosphere and probably other environmental factors like say radiation.

  4. The atmosphere on Zod’s ship disrupts Superman’s powers. Powers he developed after years of being saturated in the radiation of our sun. Lets think about that for a moment… The atmosphere counteracts radiation that Superman had already absorbed and yet when the atmosphere is set to mimic earth’s his powers suddenly return. They are in space by the way.

  5. Amy Adams is a terrible Lois Lane and Henry Cavill isn’t much of a Superman either. They have no chemistry together at any scene in the movie. Cavill wears a single expression throughout the film a kind of indifferent scowl. You can count the number of times he smiles on one hand. Amy Adams as Lois has no edge to her character there is no way you can believe she is a pulitzer prize winning writer from the way she acts.

  6. It takes almost no time for lois to track down Clark’s hometown and earth mother after an extremely short montage. It’s clear from this that several people already know that clark has abilities. It also shows that at least one has no issue telling people about them. We know that Lana Lang, Pete Ross and Pete’s own mother are aware of Clark. Pete provides Lois with the Kent farm Address. Later the Kent farm is destroyed by Zod and his soldiers then a battle takes place in Smallville. Clearly there is a reason they are so interested in Kansas. Superman later tells a General that he grew up in Kansas. It seems like just about anyone could put the pieces together.

  7. Krypton has spaceships and an abandoned interplanetary colonization project but no one flees the planet as it’s destruction begins.

  8. Jonathan Kent is entirely out of character. Instead of molding Clark in to the man who will save the world he keeps enforcing the idea that humanity will simply reject him once he makes himself known. Even as he is about to die he makes clark not intervene or reveal himself.

  9. Kryptonians are born in matrix style incubators and all come from a magic burned skull fragment which is later somehow ingrained into Kal-El’s cells. The unborn of Krypton are being stored in his cells. I can’t even begin to state everything that’s wrong with that. Consider this though if Kryptonians are anything like humans as they grow and age their cells are constantly being replaced with new ones. Which would mean that none of the proto Krypton babies are in his cells anymore.

  10. Superman doesn’t kill EVER for any reason. This is one of the backbones of the character. The comics, animated movies and cartoons even the previous films that show Superman will do anything to ensure he doesn’t kill someone. By forcing him to kill you are basically taking away from Superman’s greatest belief that there is always hope. In fact there are plenty of stories where Superman crosses the line and things end up taking a turn for the worst. Take the recent Injustice video game or go back to the Justice League cartoon show in the episodes featuring the Justice Lords. Once Superman crosses the no kill line he is no longer Superman.



  1. 1. Just because a person is military doesn’t mean they can hold their own in fight the prime example Bryan Stan isn’t a UFC champion. A Scientist can be a martial artist too.
    2. It doesn’t have to make sense its alien.
    3. Zod’s a grown man and soldier (trained adaptability) and traveling the universe he may have encountered several yellow sun environments. Also kryptonian tech has filters for suits.
    4. Alien tech it doesn’t have to make logical sense, its movie based of a comic. Just understand it generated red sunlight for Krypton config and yellow for earth config.
    5.They did good enough and at least he had the best physic of all real life actors. Remember this is an action film not love drama.
    6. So what, even if the gov did an investigation nothing special would happen and Martha Kent would just give them walk around.
    7. You don’t know that for shore, but depending on the writer Kryptonians can be very xenophobic, and remember Zod was the only other high level official that believed the planet was dieing. In reality they would have invaded other planets and mine their cores instead of their own.
    8. Actually this JK was very realistic, and you have to look at it from the perspective of a father, if you don’t have kids its hard to understand. Plus it would have taken another hour for them to show JK molding Clark.
    9. He’s kryptonian and a super powered one at that, human genetic logic wouldn’t apply. Besides are superman’s powers logical anyways.
    10. Did is a whole new Earth so him killing doesn’t take away who he his. That ending was very realistic and direct which many of America’s heros have to face. In the real world a good man will have to kill to protect superman or any dc hero will not be exempt from this. Zod had to die he was a soldier and made his objective plain and clear, there was no way to detain him and Superman realized if they kept on fighting earth would be sand. Hope for Zod was lost its like dealing with a jihadist.

    • Zod’s ship was able to simulate Krypton’s atmosphere(which for some inexplicable reason counteracts yellow sunlight) rendering them vulnerable. Supes could have figured out a way recreate that somehow to contain Zod. He could have placed Zod in some kind of stasis afterwards. However Man Of Steel’s writer only gave him the option of killing him.

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