Top 5 things i liked about Man of Steel










1. I did like the costume in Man of steel but i wished the red was a little brighter. The colors seemed far too dark for a hero meant to inspire hope. The silver embellishments on the suit also felt unnecessary and looked rather dull. Ideally i think they should shoot for something along the lines of the new 52 suit currently in the comics. You don’t need the collar but there are places where red could be utilized to shake things up a little like the belt. They could even incorporate some of the subtle armor pieces from the comics in to it make it appear more Kryptonian.

2. Smallville was damn near perfect looking. There have been many iterations of Superman’s hometown over the years but many felt either too big or too small. This Smallville is just right in my opinion. The Kent farm itself also falls in here.

3. Baby Kal-El’s ship is great looking it obviously fits the aesthetic of the other Kryptonian ships we see while still having a distinction to it that feels like it’s one of a kind. As much as i liked the original Superman films i always thought the weird crystalline ship just didn’t make sense from a practical perspective, even if it’s an object of pure science fiction. Here the ship seems both practical yet easily reconciles as alien in appearance.

4. Russell Crowe as Jor-El easily stole the film in his sheer presence. While i didn’t like everything that occurred on-screen with his character he invoked the role entirely. He gave many facets to the character that were sorely missing from Marlon Brando’s iteration most obviously emotion. His Jor-El felt far more like a hero at the start of the film than just a simple supporting character. Crowe brought gravitas to the role that i doubt anyone else could top.

5. Clark destroying the belligerent truckers semi was pretty great. It immediately brought back memories of Superman 2 where after regaining his powers Clark basically beats the crap out of a similar character at a diner. I didn’t actually like the fact that he physically assaulted a guy for petty reasons in Superman 2 mind you it felt supremely out of character. What i liked here was that Clark basically took a high road in not simply destroying this guy in front of everyone. Yes he gives in to a petty urge and demolishes his truck but that shows how human Clark actually feels just like everyone else.


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