Review: The Dark Knight Returns: Part 1

Batman is back.









I have more than eagerly awaited The Dark Knight Returns: Part 1. After Rises left a terrible and plot hole filled taste in my mouth it’s nice to get back to the real meat and potatoes of what Batman really stands for.

First lets get the technical stuff out of the way. The animation in TDKR is pretty much comparable to most of the DCU animated films. There are some adjustments like a slight graininess to it that really helps sell the tone. It is extremely dark at many moments but as any real Batman fan knows the dark serves its purpose well. The character designs are basically torn from the pages of the comic they are based on. There is some terrific exaggeration done with many of the characters that really sells the world they are living in. The run time may seem too long for some and too short for others but at the end you are left wanting more either way. Story wise TDKR is one of the most faithful adaptations that DC animated has put out. It is quite obvious the amount of care and respect that went in to this movie.

The voice acting is tremendous and most of the character fit perfectly. I will say it does take a while to get used to Peter Weller’s Batman there is no shortness of grit and attitude but he is far gruffer than any previous incarnation in tone. By the end of the movie it didn’t bother me nearly as much as it did at the beginning. I thoroughly enjoyed his portrayal of the Dark Knight but deep down i still wished Kevin Conroy was voicing Batman. That may just be personal preference talking of course but i know there are many who feel the way i do.

There are few moments that are slow in the film. So much happens in such a small amount of time but it all flows so organically that it doesn’t feel overly long or stunted either. After it’s all said and done The Dark Knight Returns is a tremendous accomplishment for DC animated.

If any of you doubt see this movie all i will say is this. If you hated the Dark Knight Rises this film is for you. If you loved the Dark Knight rises it’s time for you to see Batman done right and this is the film to show it to you. If your just a Batman fan period this film is for you and for all of us.

The Dark Knight Returns: Part 1 gets 5 out of 5 stars. Don’t believe me? Then you haven’t seen it yet.


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Review: Futurama “The Thief of Baghead”








Bender becomes a Paparazzi and wackiness ensues in “The Thief of Baghead”. It’s odd I know this isn’t the first time Bender has been obsessed with Calculon but it’s never not funny. The episode quickly shifts from Bender being a freelance obsessive fan to being a paid Paparazzo out to get the hardest to snag celebrity photo of all time. This is where things get hilarious of course because the photo he took of the world’s greatest actor(who we have never seen before this episode.) robs people of their life forces once viewed.

The actor Langdon Cobb wears a bag over his head in all his films to hide his face. The professor deduces he is from a race of parasitic space parasites called quantum lichens.Now the group has to figure out away to reverse the photo’s effects or lose their friends forever.

There were numerous jokes that made me chuckle in this episode in fact i burst out laughing the first second and third time Bender showed the picture to people but after that the episode went down hill. Despite the numerous sight gags and seemingly funny moments the episode barely stuck with me after i watched it. In fact I actually forgot what the episode was about and had to watch it again before writing this.

“The Thief of Baghead” gets 3 out of 5 stars.

Avengers: EMH not ending after all!?


SDCC is just full of surprises this year first a new Sandman series by Neil Gaiman now something almost as good in my opinion. Avengers: EMH is ending technically speaking but it’s far from over. The show will transition in to Avengers Assemble! The new show will be a continuation of the existing series that will expand the Avengers universe even further than ever before. Marvel has redeemed themselves but they gave us fans a hell of a scare to be certain. While there will be some retooling bringing the show somewhat closer to the cinematic universe it won’t reboot or alter anything the show has done so far. Geek Omnipresence is shining upon us people and it feels good!

Comic-Con is upon us….. and i’m not there.

That’s right it’s here and i won’t be attending. Mostly due to poor planning on my part and also just plain being poor. I have resolved to be there next year and have planned utilize my tax refund more efficiently to get there. I do have a good friend who is there Alex Wilson he is a great writer and is swiftly moving up the ranks of internet geek journalism. Alex is currently writing for both and So check out the sites and his work and if you see him at the con say hi!

Review: Avengers: EMH “Avengers Assemble!”







Galactus has arrived and with him comes the end of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Finally we arrive at the conclusion of the series and it is bittersweet to be sure. Without warning and against any kind of plot development what so ever the world eater himself comes to claim earth. The Avengers team up with just about every hero that was introduced this season to take him on but will they be enough? Galactus is a threat like no other that the team has faced a literal cosmic deity that wipes planets out of existence. His arrival is swift and his 4 heralds are all formidable opponents each wielding the power cosmic. Terrax is front and center essentially acting as Galactus’s mouth piece.

The episode is brief and to the point which is an unfortunate use of Galactus as a threat. His introduction should have been slowly revealed throughout the season building up to his arrival. By far the most disappointing thing about this episode is the lack of a certain former herald. The introduction of the Silver Surfer to the EMH universe seemed to be a sure thing and it just never happened and It makes Galactus less interesting because of it.  So much of the story could have been improved by him being a part of it. Another some what odder issue is that Galactus never actually speaks at any point. I’m guessing we were supposed to feel as if he thought so little of the Avengers as a threat that he had no reason to address them directly.

The action of the episode is well paced and we do get some interesting moments but its all rushed. It also feels like the heralds were far under powered as they were rather easily dispatched. Having 4 heralds in the episode was strange to be sure since Galactus in the comics only had 1 primarily but this did change from time to time. In the end the way the heroes defeat him is pretty uninspired and seemingly way to easy. Overall it was an abbreviated episode with an equally abbreviated ending. As a series finale its a terrible let down and it leaves many hanging plot threads. The most obvious being the conclusion to the Surtr arc that was so painstakingly set up early in the season.

We may never know what could have been in store for Earth’s Mightiest show. I will look back fondly on the 1st season and on some episodes of the 2nd but i will always resent Marvel for cancelling their greatest animated accomplishment to date. A decision i feel may come back to haunt them if the new Avengers series doesn’t deliver what EMH did. Shutting down a show that had great ratings and a tremendous fan base because they wanted something more movie oriented seems short-sighted. They would be wise to remember the source material that started it all rather than focusing on the film’s box office. There is nothing wrong with trying to attract new viewers or a more mainstream audience but doing so at the expense of existing fans is not a smart move. Hopefully the new show steers clear of the many issues that plague Ultimate Spider-Man that is all i will say.

Final Score for “Avengers Assemble”  3 out of 5.

Review: Futurama “Decision 3012”







It’s election time again and Nixon’s head is out to win anyway he can in “Decision 3012”. This episode is off the wall with wackiness and in many ways it brings me back to the original run of the series. Even with its outlandish plot and numerous gags there is a deep political subtext at work. Some of it is subtle some not so much but it’s all these layers that really make the episode work.

Bender becomes Nixon’s personal mudslinger with an eye on the only credible threat to his presidency Senator Travers who it just happens is a time traveler. A modified version of the terminator plot has him sent back to make sure Nixon doesn’t win the election and doom the earth. The stand outs of the episode are easily Bender and Leela they have the best lines but Nixon’s head isn’t far behind. He has some of the best dialogue in this episode since his first appearance in the series.

While it may not be perfect it’s far better than some episodes we have had since the show’s revival. I hope that there are more episodes like this in the pipeline for this season of course only time will tell.

Final score for “Decision 3012” 4 out of 5.

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