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So I am officially looking for an art team for new creator owned comic projects. I have an ad up on Digital Webbing per the link provided with the specifics.


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Petition to remove James Gunn from Guardians of the Galaxy? A different view.


James Gunn 

(Note i tried to get this up yesterday i offered to first but they didn’t use it so here it is.)

A petition has been created on to remove director James Gunn from Marvel Studios upcoming “Guardians of the Galaxy” movie.

It cites an old blog post of Gunn’s from February 17, 2011 which contained a “Super Heroes you most want to have sex with” poll. Which was removed and later found cached online. I’m not going to post excerpts here because there are enough other sites doing it. Here is a link though

There is no question that James Gunn is controversial he has tackled his share of weird projects over the years. From working with Troma Studios to writing the live action Scooby Doo movies not to mention his PG Porn webs series. I’ll admit after reading his reactions to the characters in the poll a lot of it comes off as juvenile to say the least. I’m not going to defend it or even justify it. It’s his right to say or in this case post whatever he wants. However just because he did write something that’s arguably very stupid even if it’s in jest shouldn’t detract him from a position he was given based on his skill as a writer and director.

I will probably take fire for standing up for James Gunn and I am fine with that. I have a strong feeling however that many of the people signing this petition have never seen any of his work. When this is the case it’s easy to incite a group against an individual. What I want to do is point out a few of the great projects that James Gunn has made.

First “Super” this 2010 film starred Rain Wilson of the office. Along with Liv Tyler, Ellen Page, Michael Rooker, Kevin Bacon and even a cameo by Nathan Fillion. A take on the real life super-hero genre a man with nothing to lose takes up the mantle of the Crimson Bolt to face off against a local drug boss and rescue his ex wife. The film is seeded with despair, indifference and tragedy. There are outlandish moments and some that are just plain bizarre but the story is a very human one. It’s about finding hope when you’re hopeless and overcoming depression and loss.

Slither from 2006 was a sort of zombie comedy with minute sci-fi touches. Starring Nathan Fillion of Firefly/Serenity and Castle. It also featured Elizabeth Banks, Michael Rooker, Greg Henry and Tania Saulnier. A story of alien slug like creatures with a hive mind that infect a small town. Michael Rooker steals the show as Grant the first to be in infected by the alien parasite who somehow forces his own will and consciousness on to the alien invader. While Nathan Fillion is definitely the hero of the film you can’t help but feel for Rooker a man who is becoming a monster constantly struggling to retain some small amount of humanity even though he ultimately fails at doing so.

Gunn wrote the screen play for Zack Snyder’s Dawn of the Dead remake which still ignites zombie fans in arguments over fast versus slow zombies. I’m even going to throw in both the live action Scooby Doo movies which he penned. They were hokey and goofy but he managed to nail the characters and bring us as close to the original source material as we could possibly get, Scrappy Doo aside of course.

These are just a few examples of James Gunn’s work. He has come a long way since starting out at Troma… a long way. It’s obvious he can handle many different kinds of material and do it in a way that always feels fresh. I believe he can do the same for Guardians of the Galaxy. Even if he probably got the job in large part due to Joss Whedon’s influence with Marvel Studios.

What he posted on his site may have been offensive and even misogynistic but that doesn’t warrant his removal from the film. Everyone makes mistakes he obviously removed the post himself at some point maybe he saw his own error(He later released an apology online). Losing him as the director of the Guardians movie would be a huge misstep there is no doubt in my mind he will take the property to places we would never have expected. 

Review: The Dark Knight Returns: Part 1

Batman is back.









I have more than eagerly awaited The Dark Knight Returns: Part 1. After Rises left a terrible and plot hole filled taste in my mouth it’s nice to get back to the real meat and potatoes of what Batman really stands for.

First lets get the technical stuff out of the way. The animation in TDKR is pretty much comparable to most of the DCU animated films. There are some adjustments like a slight graininess to it that really helps sell the tone. It is extremely dark at many moments but as any real Batman fan knows the dark serves its purpose well. The character designs are basically torn from the pages of the comic they are based on. There is some terrific exaggeration done with many of the characters that really sells the world they are living in. The run time may seem too long for some and too short for others but at the end you are left wanting more either way. Story wise TDKR is one of the most faithful adaptations that DC animated has put out. It is quite obvious the amount of care and respect that went in to this movie.

The voice acting is tremendous and most of the character fit perfectly. I will say it does take a while to get used to Peter Weller’s Batman there is no shortness of grit and attitude but he is far gruffer than any previous incarnation in tone. By the end of the movie it didn’t bother me nearly as much as it did at the beginning. I thoroughly enjoyed his portrayal of the Dark Knight but deep down i still wished Kevin Conroy was voicing Batman. That may just be personal preference talking of course but i know there are many who feel the way i do.

There are few moments that are slow in the film. So much happens in such a small amount of time but it all flows so organically that it doesn’t feel overly long or stunted either. After it’s all said and done The Dark Knight Returns is a tremendous accomplishment for DC animated.

If any of you doubt see this movie all i will say is this. If you hated the Dark Knight Rises this film is for you. If you loved the Dark Knight rises it’s time for you to see Batman done right and this is the film to show it to you. If your just a Batman fan period this film is for you and for all of us.

The Dark Knight Returns: Part 1 gets 5 out of 5 stars. Don’t believe me? Then you haven’t seen it yet.

Review: Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Mini-Series










Mr. Wilson’s wild ride has finally come to it’s end… kind of… sort of.. i guess. “Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe” shot straight to the top selling out almost immediately and going in to second printings in no time flat. We finally get a good look at what would happen if the merc with the mouth set out to do what we all secretly hoped he would kill literally everybody of note in the Marvel universe.

At no point during the series did the action or kills disappoint. We get four issues of Deadpool showing that he is the best he is at what he does maybe even better than Wolverine. The story itself is scene dressing nothing more. We jump right in to the bloody, awful and some times just plain brilliant ways he chooses to off Marvels heavy hitters. Some are definitely better than others mind you but they are all visceral and totally plausible ways to take these characters out.

There are some subtle hints as to what is pushing Deadpool towards these actions during the story but we get no real answers as the series rolls to it’s odd conclusion, calling it fourth wall breaking or Meta would be a huge understatement. But it seems at least to me to be setting something bigger up for this particular incarnation of Wade Wilson. I have the feeling they “Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe” maybe heading towards the direction of the “Marvel Zombies” franchise. And i don’t mean actually showing up in said title but that this Version of Deadpool maybe seeing way more action in the days to come. Crossovers? always a possibility, Killing the Multiverse? why not? Showing up in 616 and causing untold mayhem? who knows…

“Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe” is 4 issues of supreme awesomeness. Final Score 4 out of 5(due exclusively to the ending).

Joss Whedon is on Avengers 2 and new Marvel TV show! it’s officially Geek XMAS people

You read the headline at least i hope you did… but it’s true Joss Whedon will be back directing and writing Avengers 2. As if that wasn’t good enough Disney/Marvel is also having him create a new TV series set in the Marvel cinematic universe. Like i said Geek XMAS is here. I will be following this one closely any new tidbits that come up will be dropped on here as soon as i’m done reading them i promise. For now here are some links to CBR and Comic Book Movie with just about the same information i just gave you only longer.

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