Blargh… No more Gus but the horizon is still bright.

Well it seems “A Ghoul named Gus” just wasn’t meant to be. The french artist i was working with essentially lost interest in the project which is a bummer honestly. For now i’m shelving the script and am going to start focusing on something else. I have been kicking an idea around for a novel for quite some time, I may take a swing at that.

As for current works i’m still writing reviews for and i have been applying for my press badges for Conventions for this year through, which will be super fun and hopefully allow me to do some much needed networking. I have had an idea for a weekly or semi weekly column i may pitch to a few sites also.

One more thing i kind of want to try is a new way of choosing what i put my efforts into developing as far as comic projects go. Basically on a site or the blog i put up a brief concept or outline a week for like a month or so. Let people vote on which one they like the best then write a short script up and hire an artist to produce 8 pages. There would be posted online for free. After continuing this process until i have 4 or so of these 8 page mini stories done i would collect them into an anthology and look for publishers. It could work out well or backfire terribly but either way it sounds fun to me.