Blargh… No more Gus but the horizon is still bright.

Well it seems “A Ghoul named Gus” just wasn’t meant to be. The french artist i was working with essentially lost interest in the project which is a bummer honestly. For now i’m shelving the script and am going to start focusing on something else. I have been kicking an idea around for a novel for quite some time, I may take a swing at that.

As for current works i’m still writing reviews for and i have been applying for my press badges for Conventions for this year through, which will be super fun and hopefully allow me to do some much needed networking. I have had an idea for a weekly or semi weekly column i may pitch to a few sites also.

One more thing i kind of want to try is a new way of choosing what i put my efforts into developing as far as comic projects go. Basically on a site or the blog i put up a brief concept or outline a week for like a month or so. Let people vote on which one they like the best then write a short script up and hire an artist to produce 8 pages. There would be posted online for free. After continuing this process until i have 4 or so of these 8 page mini stories done i would collect them into an anthology and look for publishers. It could work out well or backfire terribly but either way it sounds fun to me.


So… yeah

Well i haven’t been posting here for a while due to working on a bunch of different projects at once. Which is not easy but still pretty fun i think. I have been writing weekly comic reviews for and working on a backup story for A Ghoul Named Gus. 

Any who i will start posting links to my reviews on fanboybuzz. Lets start off with my most recent one Young Avengers #1.

Comic Reviews week of 6/21/12








All right time for my weekly picks for comics, First however a disclaimer. What i’m reviewing is but a small portion of the weekly books i actually read. I have previously tried to review everything i  read and it always felt odd. Plus its a pain in the ass so these are the books that I feel represent the best out of what was released this week.  My hope is that this format flows more naturally and if it works out future weeks will follow in suit. If it doesn’t work out i will try a different take and go from there.

Ok so first up this week is… Saga #4












I didn’t get in to Saga at its launch something i’m regretting now. The book is really quite good and the art and story shine through in every issue.  One of the things i like best about it is that it seems to transcend genres while being a unique blend of several different ones. Sci-Fi? check. Supernatural? check. Drama? Check. i’m even willing to throw a little bit of western in there. Issue #4 has great pacing and deals with some really tender subject matter. I don’t see this series losing momentum any time soon so check it out if you haven’t yet.

Saga #4  scored 4 out of 5 stars.


Up next… Rebel Blood #4












Rebel Blood brought a strikingly fresh approach to the Zombie apocalypse with it at the beginning. While each issue had our protagonist go up against seemingly unending  intelligent hordes of the undead, something always felt a bit off. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it until this issue.  It’s the ending that makes what happened previously feel rather pointless. Calling it unoriginal would be an understatement. This has been done in countless movies and TV shows and of course other comics. The book got off to such a strong start and that is what makes the ending so sad.  When something works so hard against itself and what it tried to set up it feels like there was no purpose to any of it. I try to keep what originally made me like the book in mind but it’s hard.

Rebel Blood #4 scores 3 out of 5.


Up next Venom #19












Since it’s relaunch Venom has been one of the better Marvel books. While being mostly self contained it has crossed over in to a few other books and vice versa. Although the best stuff comes when its just Flash and the symbiote in my opinion. Things in Flash’s life have been quickly deteriorating as of late. While he may be very good at being Venom he is even better at making enemies. The “Savage Six” arc is the culmination of all Venom’s troubles he is literally on the verge of losing everything that means anything to him.

Venom #19 scores  4 out of 5.


Honorable Mention

Secret Avengers #28

Dark Avengers #176

Green Lantern Corps #10


Review: Superman versus the Elite











Most superhero cartoons are rather straightforward rarely do they branch in to the philosophy of what really drives the characters. Superman versus the Elite is a rare gem in the catalog of DC animated films. It breaks down the image of Superman. What most people view him as simply the symbol of ultimate good sometimes synonymous with it. This movie brings to the surface what truly motivates him to be that symbol to choose what is right over what is easy.

The animation in the movie is far from great and the character models seem far to simplistic. There is also a strange goofy undertone during action sequences where characters in the back drops seems to act far too cartoonish. These things would probably have doomed any other story than this one. The characterization and narrative are so tight that they make up for all the short comings. The Elite are a literal snake in the grass. While their leader Manchester Black is the groups mouth piece each member comes off unique in their own way. Black is easily the antithesis of the man of steel. He is boisterous, arrogant and manipulative while still coming off as a bit of an every man. There is a lot of death in this film not all of it drives the story forward but you can see that it drives Superman’s character. Rarely do we get a glimpse of why he feels the way he does about the world as we do here.  Superman is taking the hardest path of any hero really making sure that we don’t stoop to the level of those who would prey upon us. Delivering the message that we can be better if we try although the path is far from easy.

The movie has a phenomenal ending and as far as i can tell is also one of the most faithful animated adaptations of a DC comic arc yet. When i first read that this movie was being made i had a hard time wondering why. There was no film coming out and no toys to push. I figured most likely it was there to keep Superman alive in the minds of consumers for The Man of Steel which drops in to cinemas next year. Its easy to attribute it to that and nothing more but it feels like its something far more special. Superman was the inspiration for countless heroes in the comics to try to make the world a better place, its easy to see why from this. Superman stands for far more than truth, justice and the American way. Superman versus the Elite is here to remind us of that.

Final score 5 out of 5