Blargh… No more Gus but the horizon is still bright.

Well it seems “A Ghoul named Gus” just wasn’t meant to be. The french artist i was working with essentially lost interest in the project which is a bummer honestly. For now i’m shelving the script and am going to start focusing on something else. I have been kicking an idea around for a novel for quite some time, I may take a swing at that.

As for current works i’m still writing reviews for and i have been applying for my press badges for Conventions for this year through, which will be super fun and hopefully allow me to do some much needed networking. I have had an idea for a weekly or semi weekly column i may pitch to a few sites also.

One more thing i kind of want to try is a new way of choosing what i put my efforts into developing as far as comic projects go. Basically on a site or the blog i put up a brief concept or outline a week for like a month or so. Let people vote on which one they like the best then write a short script up and hire an artist to produce 8 pages. There would be posted online for free. After continuing this process until i have 4 or so of these 8 page mini stories done i would collect them into an anthology and look for publishers. It could work out well or backfire terribly but either way it sounds fun to me.


Review: Avengers: EMH “Operation Galactic Storm”







The Kree final solution begins in “Operation Galactic Storm”. How a two-part episode like this made it in to the final four episodes of the series is beyond me. The Kree were easily the most forgettable part of the last 2 years. With the secret invasion ending up sub par it makes the decision to go back to the Kree seem completely unnecessary. While there were a few dangling plot threads i personally could have cared less about them. There were many other plots that could have been expanded on or addressed. Instead we get part 1 of 2 “Operation Galactic Storm”.

The Kree have finally decided to get off their butts and do something which is destroy our sun and therefore us. The episode lacks much and with little to make up for it.In fact off of the top of my head i can’t think of thing that really stuck out about it. Part 2 “Live Kree or Die” has ¬†way more action and stronger plot elements.

Having already seen the next 2 episodes after this one i can say that it gets better just not by much which is disappointing.

Final score for “Operation Galactic Storm” 2 out of 5

Review: Avengers: EMH “New Avengers”







The countdown to the end of the series begins with “New Avengers”. It’s almost here folks the moment we as fans all dread the end. Thankfully the writers and staff of earth’s mightiest cartoon are sending us off with a BANG. Kang has escaped imprisonment with the help of one of the loosest plot elements the show has ever utilized and he is back to his conquering ways. This episode breaks us away from the core team in a truly spectacular way and brings us fan boy moments a plenty.

Characters we have yearned for make their debuts while familiar faces join them as the New Avengers bring the pain to Kang to save the world. If there is one thing i wish this episode had more of it would be Wolverine. While we saw James Howlett’s brief cameo at the beginning of the series in WW2 as the recon man of the Howling Commandos here we get the real deal. None of the other members of the team elicit the reaction that Wolverine does. Most of the face time is held by Spider-Man the defacto non leader of the group. Who does his best to reign in the other members of the ragtag team.

The plot of the episode is pretty weak overall a lot of it seems random and half thought through. I also have to again relate how much i dislike Drake Bell as the voice of Spider-Man. He is so high pitched and annoying that it actually seemed to throw the episode of kilter. There were also other characters that could have easily rounded out the roster that weren’t present like the Hulk and the new Ant-Man or hell I will even throw Red Hulk in there. Even with these minor issues “New Avengers” is a spectacle to behold. A mash up worthy of the final four episodes to say the least.

I really wish there were more episodes coming, more crossovers and new heroes to introduce. Avengers was close to being the perfect Marvel cartoon in so many ways. Final Score for “New Avengers” 4 out of 5.